Tuesdays Are For Girls (And A Seaport)

This Tuesday was wonderful! After laying around and watching 3 episodes of Lost relaxing after a long week, we bundled up for this current wet NYC weather and hopped on the train to Manhattan to visit your Uncle Frank at South Street Sea Port.

You loved looking at the HUGE boats. Funny thing is we were almost exactly across the East River from the water park we were at last Tuesday. We even stop by a local gallery where you enjoyed taking in all the colorful paintings.

After a little sight seeing we headed over to Uncle Frank’s bar to visit with him. You spent most of the time looking cute doing this:

And I did a bit of this with Frank:

One Bottle, One Beer (for me), and one pizza (again for me) later you ended up passing out for your afternoon nap. But, there were no chairs only stools in Uncle Franks bar so you ended up strapped to a stool like this:

Seriously, you were locked into the Bjorn which was strapped to the stool even if you had woken in this position (which you didn’t) you couldn’t have gone anywhere. I was quite proud of my on the spot problem solving. Bad Parenting or BEST NEW INVENTION EVER?!

A good Tuesday on a rainy NYC day if I do say so.