Twice the Amazingness...

Baby G,

Your sleep schedule has always been crazy, you really sleep and wake when you please so we really never know what our nights are going to look like. Last night we both snuggled you to sleep with your night time bottle and you passed out right away around 8pm. I got back to working and your Dad got to our Sunday cleaning. About 9:30 we heard you waking up through the baby monitor. Your Dad went into check on you and you were happily sitting on your activity mat entertaining yourself (again the joy of the floor bed you can entertain yourself). You looked at your Dad as if you were saying “what do you want?! Leave me alone I’m playing!” so he did just that left you alone.

About five minutes later we’re sitting in the living room hearing you making your little noises through the monitor from your bedroom when you did the most amazing thing in the world, you called me. There was a very loud and clear yell of “Mama” through the monitor. Your Dad and I looked at each other laughed a little and I went in to check on you. There you were in front of the baby gate in your door waiting for me to get you, I could have eaten you up right then and there. At this point I was glowing, YOU my baby girl had finally not only acknowledged me as you “Mama” but had called me! I talked about it for the next ten minutes at least, your Dad got a little pouty and jokingly said he was jealous. Not more then 30 seconds later sitting in the middle of the living room rug looking at your father you said in the same strong demanding voice a clear “Dada” and reached up to him. You melted both your parents hearts last night and it was purely amazing. We love you so much our little love bug.


Mom & Dad