Update #2 - Home at Last

In June I had an amazing trip to Toronto for work, you can see more about that here on my personal blog. I’m not traveling again till August, it’s been really great focusing in on “real life” outside of work. We’ve been getting into a routine, G’s fully adjusted the having two homes and we’ve even fit in a little fun here and there with friends! 

It’s been a grand start to a wonderful summer of adventure and growth as a family and as a single parent (even if it’s not always easy!). Life maybe changing again soon, I maybe taking a new job soon that will have G in school five days a week and the first real 9-5 I’ve ever held (still in the music business), a brand new “normal” for all. 

It’s been so great just having the time, energy, and mental capacity outside of work to have intense mommy baby bonding. I’ve noticed G’s behavior becomes better the more one on one time we have with each other, plus a happier mom. I’m liking this new “normal” while looking forward to this great summer and all the adventures to be had.

Kirby Costa Campos