Yesterday we headed upstate together baby girl to Woodstock where I grew up. I L-O-V-E getting you out of the city. While NYC will always be home there’s something so great about being able to just breath in the country air, listen to the sound coming from all the trees, and just be.

Teaching you how to be one with Nature is one of my goals for your childhood. Last night as the sun was setting I decided to take you out for a stroll through the woods as the sun was setting. You loved listening to the sounds of the forest settling in for the night around you. At one point something caught your eye and when I turned to see what it was it was the moon hanging over the mountains and evening sky. A very special moment the first time you see the moon.

As it got darker I decided it was time to head back to the house before it got too late. Coming up the drive to Grandma Joy and Grandpa Ray’s house their neighbors let their two dogs out of the house. When I say dogs I mean HUGE, over protective dobermans. They have always been on an invisible fence so I wasn’t too worried when they started running in our direction. That is till they didn’t stop at the yard but kept coming, cue where I start running backwards as not to turn my back on them. I ran about 20 feet with you in my arms eventually the dogs stopped in front of in the drive between me and the house that’s about a good half mile away. They sat there and growled. I tired to be tough with them, show them I am the dominant one by taking a step forward and being stern, but seriously if these dogs could laugh they would have, along with cracking the knuckles if they had knuckles they could crack that is.

So, as it got dark and the visibility started to fade with you asleep in my arms I sat and waited. 15 mins later I had had enough waiting but obviously these dogs have much more free time and patience then terrified little me. Here’s where I started yelling for help. I yelled and yelled and yelled for help like my life depended on it, well at least the rest of my night did. Yet being I was in the middle of the WOODS no one came. And it got darker. There’s nothing like the dark of the woods. SO much darker then anywhere else. It doesn’t scare me at all I just don’t like being out in it with two wild beast and my baby.

While I would like to say this story ends eventfully, that I placed your little sleeping body up in a safe nook of a tree and I “single handedly fought the two dogs off in the deep of the night using my protective “mom hormones” as fighting fuel to walk away without even a scratch”, in reality after about 45 mins I think the dogs got tired of hearing me yelling and retreated to something more interesting like licking their butts. I did think it was some Jedi mind trick by the dogs to lure me in but no, with my heart pumping I ran up the drive and made it into the house safely and dog bite free. Not the relaxing, night walk I was hoping for us baby girl but a memory made with you none less….