We Have Won The Battle!

I’ve waited a few days to post this just in case it was a fluke but I am so happy to share with you all Baby G at almost 9 months is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Third night in a row and knock on wood it continues!

And we never used a “sleep method” to get us there. I kind of feel like we’ve won some sort of contest hahaha, the “Attachment Parenting Contest”. And trust me it has been HARD. G has never been a good sleeper. She on average would wake up twice per night, once to eat, once to just say hello. Being we practice attachment parenting we dealt with this by feeding her and just being 100% available to her needs often co-sleeping her back to dream land in her floor bed.

After the first four months of this things started to get hard. Even though we traded off nights getting up it’s not hard to wake up when she’s screaming in the other room when if it wasn’t your night. This has led to use eventually turning into zombies and being short with one another. There’s been a few moments over the past year with work and no sleep I’ve been SO overwhelmed honestly. The brain is vicious when it doesn’t get the rest it needs let alone over a long period of time. We would only get full nights sleeps when we were to the point of passing out and being dead to the world. I started to have fantasies of dropping G off with her God Mama for a weekend and just holding up in my bed for 48 hours.

I can see here is where most people would attempt different “sleep methods” like crying it out. But, we promised each other we would practice attachment parenting no matter how hard it got. My thoughts have always been since G is so little (5lbs when born only 17 now) she HAD to wake in the night to eat and it was our job to be there for her not to use “sleep methods” to teach her how to stay hungry or cry herself to sleep when she just needed the reassurance Mama and Dada were there. AND IT’S WORKED!

The past three nights G has went down in her own bed around 9pm and woken up at 8:30 am crawling over to her doorway happy as can be to say good morning. I’m still waking up in the middle of the night to check on her since I’m so shocked but Mark and I have had more sleep in the past three days then we’ve had in MONTHS! I feel human again, like I could take the world on. And just in case some of you are wondering NO G doesn’t want us to sleep with her since we have co slept on and off the first 8 months of her life. Some people think you can “spoil” a baby. I don’t think that’s true at all, I really think if you just meet their needs they eventually hit mile stones with confidence on their own giving them the option to be independent like G has become.

With my birthday days away I feel like I’ve been given the best gift possible from my daughter, the gift of rest! Yippy! *energized happy dance*