We successfully made it through the move and the first night in our own homes. It wasn’t too hard being we had a long day G and I were wiped and headed to bed early. We’re also hosting an occupier from Portland so there’s someone around to help shake the “empty house” feeling.

Yesterday I asked Mark why he was so calm moving, he just seemed so damn collected and he said “you gotta just keep moving”. Makes sense, a lot of sense. So in that fashion I’m going to keep moving and share some very belated Easter photos. 

As we do with all holidays we kept it super simple. A chocolate bunny, a bowl of jelly beans, and the excitement of the Easter bunny.

Last year G was just a bit too small to really get into the candy but boy oh boy not this year. She was stuffing her mouth with those jelly beans like they were going out of fashion. She walked around most of the morning with a rainbow little ring around her mouth…oh to be little again. 

We kept up with our tradition of visiting a new a different church with G. This year we headed over to Clinton Hill for a massive Easter Egg hunt.

(this is officially my “easter skirt”)

Sister has some mad Egg Hunting Skills. 

Wonder where she get them from? 

Kirby Costa Campos