Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? This weekend marked exactly one MONTH till we say goodbye to LA. We know come the end of Sept W is headed to London to sort out our new home and G’s headed to Canada for almost four weeks to visit with my ex and his family (tear we’ll miss her). It’s still up in the air whether I’m going back to NYC for most of October which I won’t mind (duh fall in NYC) or heading to London with W to settle into a new (exciting) work position. So many things to figure out still and only 4 weeks to figure it all out! 


We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Tamara and her daughter Isla for lunch and some pool time Saturday. I know I always say it but Tumblr rocks for bringing awesome people into our life, one of the many reasons I blog here.  Funny how even though we’ve only been “online friends” for years we never skipped a beat “IRL”. Tamera’s a wonderful kind soul and little Isla, what a sweetie. You both are welcome anytime girls! 

Sunday I hit a personal milestone and ran FOUR miles for the first time in my life. I was in the zone and while it wasn’t easy I’m proud of the accomplishment. It was only four months ago I ran that first difficult mile I’ve come so far! 

Happy Monday friends I hope my american readers enjoy the labor day break and you all have a productive, focused, successful week! 

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