We're Moving!

 In …uhhhh… a week we’re moving. Yes it was a last min decision and yes we’re a little nuts. We’re moving to downtown LA and I couldn’t be more excited. There’s various reasons we’re moving some health stuff, a cheaper cost of living (on everything but rent) but mostly it’s the change of scenery and sunshine calling our names. There is a LOT to get done in the two weeks before we need to get on that plane leavening NYC behind but it seems like almost everything is falling into place. I’ve been doing this steady cleaning/packing hybrid everyday slowly placing things in suitcases and moving others to storage.


 I did yet another cleanse of all our belongings, feels good to get simple and let go of material belongings. The band who’s currently on their way to west coast for gigs took a couple boxes for us already. The loft feels well… empty!

This move and recent life events really have me thinking often about how this is a fresh start. It’s a new beginning for our family and new beginnings are a huge opportunity. My mind keeps going to intentions. Like anyone else in the world I have the vision of certain things in my life I would like to change. Old habits and routines make lifestyle changes a challenge sometimes making goals seem harder than they are to attain. But now I have an opportunity. How can I be a better mother? Partner? How about new habits to better take care of myself? How can I help bring more health and balance into my family? I don’t want this move to be just a fresh start but also a “better” start to a more positive and healthy life and intentions seem like the first step in that direction. Sunshine here we come!