What a couple busy days you had little girl! We headed up to Delhi NY on Sunday to meet some family who I haven’t seen since I was about your size myself. It was a family reunion of sorts and we had a blast. It was a pleasure to get out of the city and I’m positive you’re a country girl at heart. We even got to stop by and see Gram Joy and Gramp Ray who you gurgled and smiled at the entire time. You spent most of the vacation being mushed on by everyone but there was also many hours spent eating nummy food, frisbee tossing, tree gazing, outdoor napping, and country strolling.

I also had the opportunity to learn a bunch about the family which I had not known before such as my Great Great Grandmother was royalty with the title “Lady Caroline” and there’s a big family mystery involving the Sheffield Silver Company which I have a mission to get to the bottom of very soon, my inner spy is on watch.

You got to meet your Great Great Grandparents and it was magical five generations under ONE roof!