What the HELL happened?!

OK, truth be told I’m exhausted. Not physically but emotionally with Baby G. Ever since G has turned about 9 months she’s becoming increasingly challenging. She WAS such a well behaved baby. Many times people have asked if she even ever cried since she was so sweet and calm all the time. But, in the past too weeks I don’t know what to do with her. She’s constantly crying.

If she can’t be getting into some sort of trouble like chewing on power cords or destroying something she’s screaming or crying. She’s ONLY happy when she’s getting into trouble. Seriously she’s started tossing tantrums at things like the coffee table because her head can’t fit under it. Cries and looks at us like it’s our fault, like we purposely built the table that way and are expected to remake it right on the spot. Even in her high chair she’ll throw her food and just scream for what seems like no reason at all.

It has been the MOST challenging thing in the world to deal with parenting yet. I find myself being cold and just wanting to walk into the other room and put a pillow over my head or scream right back at her. I don’t want to be that mom, I want her to always be dealt with in a loving manor but fact of the matter is sometimes I just need to be able to put her down for a hour. And it’s increasingly frustrating on the days where I work so much I only get to spend a solid few hours with her, upsets us both I feel.

Anyone else dealing with this? Any advice?

Could it be a growth spurt or something? Terrible twos early? I’m at a loss and honestly it’s slowly draining Mark and I of our patience. I just want my sweet kid back!

Please send your advice, experiences, reading material, magic spells, and vodka.