What's in a name?

Hello Lil one,

So lately for one reason or another it seems that this whole experience has been one dimensional, as in, everything we have thought of or said, rooms we have set up, stuff moved around, safety precautions we have taken or will be taking, events we have planned and on and on„, have basically all been from everybody else’s perspective except„„ Yours!.
Which got me thinking„ will you like the bright green rug we got for your room? Are you going to be ok with the “what we think is cool swing” we have for you?„ are you….etc. ????
When you start connecting words and making sentences are you going to call me Dad? Papa? Dada? Father? Mark? Hey you? Poop Face? What are you going to call your Mother??
I’m just so intrigued lately about what you will be thinking and how you will see things. Its weird to think that in just a few more short weeks we are going to meet this person that we have been so elaborately planning for and finally see not how prepared we were, but how impossible it is to be prepared. Basically the only things that we can predict asides from the obvious facts is that the only predictable thing is the unpredictable.
That being said i want you to know that when you puke all over the green carpet cause we put you in the not so cool swing and gave you motion sickness, all we will be able to do is clean up and laugh! I have never been this excited to be so dead wrong about something in my entire life.

love you,

Your Dad or Poop Face!