What's in a Room?

Dear G,

I am so proud of our home. It’s ours, our nest, our place of solace from the crazy world. Just Ours. We recently did some renovations and I finally built out a bedroom for you and oh boy how you love it. I was so proud setting it up. It’s far from being finished yet with wall still needing to be put in place but knowing this will be the space you’ll grow up in makes me so happy. A space to call your own to grow and change as you do, and to feel at home in. We’ve moved twice since you were born and I’m happy to know we’ve settled in and placing a roots somewhere we love. 

I’m working hard G to give you security. Things may be shifting within our family, but I will always work hard to give you the emotional security I never had growing up. The warm home, endless warm hugs, and an excepting and interested ear to feel understood by. Getting this home set up baby is the first step. We’re well on our way.


Love You,