When You Grow Up...

Your mom is not a girlie girl. I’ve tried, I even got some books when I first found out you were a girl deciding I was going to teach myself but it never really developed into anything more then me spending way too much money on makeup at the Mac store.

When I was a little girl I never really played with dolls or barbies. I never played the “house” game. Instead when I was a little girl I wanted nothing more then to be a spy or secret agent. I use to love the movie Dick Tracey soooo much I even had the bed sheet (which I have packed away for you). I would read harriet the spy and the Nancy Drew book religiously.

When normal little girls became interested in boys and makeup I wanted to take science classes to be able to make “spy stuff”. Yes, your mother was odd even as a child. But, don’t think just because I grew up I left my spy/secret agent obsession behind me, oh the complete opposite. Now though I actually go on “missions”. I’ve been involved with this groupImprov Everywhere for three years now. I’ve participated in various missions including three “no pants days”, one when pregnant with you.

Yesterday I got an email from them about an upcoming mission and I realized the rush of excitement I get when I receive these emails is like nothing else I spend my spare time doing. The emails come with vary limited information, most of the time the date, time, place, and simple directions if you need to bring anything or wear anything special. I live out my “super secret spy life” through this improv group. This is one of the reasons I love NYC, you really can find ways to be anything you want to be! I’m not sure what you’ll be like in a few years. You maybe a girly girl from the start loving anything to do with glitter and that would be cool, I’ll just have a bit to learn…but, deep down there’s a little part of me that hopes you’ll be at least a little excited by the spy stuff and we can do mother/daughter secret missions!