Who Really Knows?

I’ve come so close to posting new posts over the past day and nothing felt right so I’m sitting down and focusing on it now when I have a down moment during a gig. I didn’t see how I could follow up the last few crazy posts and jump right back into blogging like nothing happened. I was considering just stopping like I stated, which I’ve put a pile of thought into on my long drives (I left for tour two days ago). I would like to firstly thank everyone again for all your wonderful messages and emails. I’m slowly getting back to all of you. We’ve been on the road so it’s taking me a little bit of time to get to them all but please know how thankful I am to have such a strong support from so many people, many of you who I never even knew were readers till this week. I’m passionate about this community and it’s because of the people like you.

You can live in fear, fear of the unknown or live in faith. I have the faith in the community, people, and over all well being blogging has brought into mine and my families’ life even after what we went through. I refuse to live in fear, fear of the unknown, fear of chance scary happenings, fear of people with issues so big I can’t even wrap my head around it, just fear. I REFUSE. I refuse to stop doing something I have such a strong faith in out of fear. Because of this, I’m keeping this blog going. I’m going to continue being the open, honest, loving, and real person I am. I’m not letting someone first take advantage of my trust and then take away my favorite hobby too. So here’s to a blind faith in doing what I love and thank you for being here to share it with me.