Yaarrrr be I a pirate !!!!

Man the radio silence from our end in the blogging world ey? I’ve been a busy busy bee with work and well work. Last week I headed up to Toronto for NXNE my absolute FAVORITE music conference. I had a blast last year but this year really took the cake. While I was insanely busy back to back meetings/panels/parties for four days straight I can really say it was one of the best work trip I’ve even taken. In all honesty I’m falling in love with Toronto, last NXNE I thought it was a crush but I’m thinking sooner rather then later Toronto will be my new home. 

I stressed over the four days away from G (I’ve never left her that long!) as I was leaving but in all it turned out to be a great break from being a mama during the trip. This is the first conference I haven’t taken her to since she was born. Toddlers with their strong opinions and tantrums just don’t work on the road I learned last road trip to SXSW so she sat this year out, maybe again when she’s older. I thought I would be skyping with her and Mark all week but I was SO busy I only caught up with him once briefly way past G’s bedtime. Don’t get me wrong I missed her madly but it was nice to be able to be work Kirby for a solid week. 

Mark made sure to drop me sweet little pictures and notes when I was running around Toronto though, this one made me burst out loud during a meeting.

Here’s a shot that same night from one of my band’s gigs, I’m looking so proud of them here hehe. 

When I came home G gave me the biggest smile in the world as soon as she heard my voice and ran at me with open arms, not letting me put her down for a long while, moments you become a parent for right? I felt special.

This morning my punk band rolled out of town after 3 NYC gigs and taking over my living room. Now it’s one big game of catching up on work, sleep, and bonding with G. Anyone else with there was like 10 more hours to a day? 

Kirby Costa Campos