You Little Rock Star, You

In 5 short days Georgiah you will be hitting the road for your first tour with a musician client of mine. We will be touring the US and Canada with him for just over four weeks in the new van your Dad and I just bought. We’ve already started getting everything together for the trip we even bought “travel bottles” which store the formula in a bulb like thing then it all snaps together to mix within the bottle, I’ll put a photo up soon. I’m sure being you are mine and you father’s child you will have a love of being on the road and the life it brings. Lets see how much you love it at two months old! It will be interesting being your Dad is staying home. I’m just happy I have the opportunity to take you with me, I REALLY could not leave you for four weeks I feel. Now I’m hoping your ear protective headphones come in the mail soon and I need to stock up on formula and the diapers we use for you because if there’s one thing I know about touring you CAN NOT always find what you need across the country like you can in NYC. You’re going to be a little rock star at this rate!