You love when I sing to you baby girl, no matter what tune you smile and stare at me in amazement like it’s the most amazing thing you have ever heard. We have so many special moments connecting over music. This morning you and I had a personal little listening party of the new Travelling Band’s album to be released this fall. I got my hands on a burned un-mastered copy from your adopted English Uncle Jo (band’s singer) for some business reasons. This band is MAGIC. They and their music have played such a large part of my life and have been the source of so many amazing new friends over the past 7 years.

As you know baby music has played a big part in your little mums life and I hope to pass that along to you, not only the pure enjoyment of the art itself but also the enjoyment of the lifestyle and the rich culture it can provide day to day.

This track that’s off the new album but was already released as a single internationally, is very special to me baby girl. This sun called “Sundial” was written about a very special night I spent with the band and our friends. I was personally going through a tough situation that particular time. I had hit a cross roads and found myself questioning where my true heart and where my true home was, one of the band members helped me through these few really hard days, I was so thankful. The lyrics of this song really reflected a lot of what I was feeling back then. I’ll never forget the when they played the song live at a show I was at and told the story behind the tune for the first time, I cried and cried right there. I felt so loved that those special moments were cherished not just by me but a group of people I think so highly of.

I may always be a wanderer at heart which is why I’ve always felt more at home touring then anywhere solid but, now with you in the world baby girl this song is bitter sweet. The song goes: "If I had a home to call my own I wouldn’t need a Sundial to stop me from wandering around", you are my home baby girl, I have found it in you. I couldn’t be anymore happy.