You want to see? I'll show you LIVE tomorrow.

So, I’m getting more and more frustrated with the horrible press coverage on Occupy Wall Street, even more so with the small amount THIS blogging community it doing to support. So I want to share it with you first hand LIVE. Via my Ustream and iphone I will be broadcasting LIVE from the protest. I want you to see how well organized, peaceful, and LARGE this actually is so I’ll be giving you a tour. You can actually chat in with me while I’m taping so stop in and say hello. 

Tomorrow 10.10.2011

1pm EST

You can find the channel on a new tab “Ustream” on my blog top bar or at this URL

Hope to “see” you there

UPDATED EDIT: Ustream is NOT available at the rally park, I’m not sure if this it due to a technical glitch or an intentional block. I’m so sorry readers who wanted to view, I will personally keep updating the blog with our story though!