Your Doggie Brother Loves You...Finally

I was a little worried baby girl about how your doggie brother Johnny would take to you after you were born. After all he was my baby five years before you came to be and the shift in the family order I was afraid would break his spirit. This dog is SERIOUSLY attached to me on so many levels. He was with me through so many tough times and I love this dog so deeply. I was lucky since we had you at home to have Johnny with me through your birth. I’m not totally sure if he understood what was happening but he comforted me with kisses and actually howled with my yelling through the hardest part. He witnessed you come into this world. After you were born he was more scared of you then anything. If we plopped you down next to him he would take off if you would cry he would run and hide, I hated it. Even more so he started giving me these looks like I was cheating on him. I have to say it has been hard giving him the time and attention like we use to but it’s getting easier the older you get. You on the other hand my dear love this dog he mesmerizes you all the time and you reach so hard to be able to touch that soft puppy fur. Well yesterday was a big day for Johnny he took a big step he finally accepted you. While we were chilling he came jumped up on the couch with you (which I thought was weird) he then went on to lick you and any drool you dribbled for the next half hour, you loved every min of it making funny faces then reaching and pulling him in for more kisses. I was in shock! I’m so happy our little family is coming together.