Your First NYC Block Party

This is Louie.

Louie is our neighbor and they refer to him as the “Mayor Of The Block”. He has lived in this neighborhood his whole life, is Italian and insists the “Mob” doesn’t exist “anymore”. Louie has been many things a civilian informant, and bounty hunter, and some sort of secret agent to name a few we’ve heard of. Louie owns three buildings on our block alone and a warehouse a few blocks up that holds his boat, jet skys, parade floats, fire engine, motorcycle and water slides. The man loves his toys. He has our whole block and two square block radius wired with surveillance cameras hence we live int he SAFEST damn neighborhood in Brooklyn because of this man.

His life mission currently is to get everyone in the neighborhood to know and take care of one another, very 1950’s “borrow a cup of sugar” like. Every other night of the week he sets the BBQ up with a buffet of food and drinks and hollers at anyone who happens to walk by to come hang out. A little tradition of his and his family’s is their yearly block party which we took part in this past Saturday and it was crazy! SO much food everywhere, so many people and just a good time hanging out in the city summer heat.

Kids from all over the neighborhood came to go swimming in the three pools and four water slides/bouncy rooms that took over the street. Louie even paid the ice cream truck to come and treat the neighborhood (200+ people) to a cool treat. You got to visit with MANY people who adore you.

Even Uncle Frank stopped in!

And we topped off the perfect night with your mommy and neighbor Anne taking a trip down one of the kiddie slides.

I can’t wait till you’re old enough baby to run around and play with all the kids in the neighborhood! Brooklyn is a special pace in deed.