Your First Thanksgiving.

What a fun holiday my little love. This year we headed wayyyy upstate to the cold country air to be with many people who adore you. Your a very social child who just loves being around groups of people so holidays I feel are quickly becoming your favorite days.

You got to hang out with your Great Great Grand Parents.

Your Great Great Grandma and I have the same awesome hair cut.

This was a day of MANY firsts for you. You had your first taste of sugar in the pumpkin pie and your first taste of butter in a pile of mashed potatoes you couldn’t get enough of.

Your god Mama mushed on you for a short while before she had to blast home early to work the next morning (boooooooooo).

The next morning your Dad helped you play some tunes. I like to joke with friends about how you will become a lawyer or something since you’re being raised around the arts but this face makes me think otherwise.

Having you around G makes the holidays that much more special. I’m so thankful for you my dear, you’re the best thing your Dad and I have ever done with our lives and we look forward to a lifetime of holidays with you.