You're the best roadie EVER!

Well baby G, it’s official you’re the best roadie ever! We shortened the tour up by two weeks but it’s great because you Dad will now be able to come with us to North By North East where I’ll be speaking on my first industry panel. I’m happy to have him be there for me because it’s a little scary truth be told even though I know I’ll do great. It’s been an adjustment traveling with everything you need little one! In the old days I would tour for weeks living out of a backpack and a purse, those days are gone, here’s everything packed up.

We went up through Vermont for three days and this is where it began, how I named this tour “The tour of animals wanting to eat my baby”. We stayed on many floors over the past three weeks and one thing every place had in common was their was always an animal WAY to curious about you. The first house it was two little kittens who kept me up ALL night trying to get to you. The next place it was a so ugly it was cute “puggle” who broke into our room in the middle of the night and jumped right up on you. The last place was a HUGE doberman who thought you were her lollie pop and got really upset when you cried.

The first week was an adjustment for us both, I wasn’t use to not having the extra help at night the THREE times you still wake and you were not use to being in your car seat for such long periods. Many diaper changes on piled gear and other random places. About half way through the trip you actually slept through the night for the first time! Thinking you were ready to continuing to do that I tried to give you some rice cereal, EPIC fail. You were up for the next two days straight with tummy pain and constipation, I felt so horrible. No solids for a few months at least for sure. We slept on a queen air mattress anywhere we could set it up, many kitchen floors.

Your head phones worked out SO well! You slept through radio interviews, gigs, and meetings. I did get kicked out of one bar for having you there in Quebec but I have to say one out of the number of places we went was not bad.

In Vermont my artist did a radio interview and spoke about touring with you. Three months old and making it on the radio, not bad eh?! We left Vermont headed to Northern New York and then up through Canada. We stayed with my lovely friend Jasmine who lives on the Indian Reserve in Quebec. All the women in her family had a great time fawning all over you. With you dark color they thought you were half native. After the first week we started to get in the groove of things.

The owners of this GREAT venue outside of Ottowa Ontario let us stay with them for the night. They had two kids 10 year old Alex and one five year old named Max. You loved all the silly faces and noises Max would make at you and Max loved hanging out with you on their back porch in the sun. I’m so happy you got so much fresh air on this trip. The night of the gig their I even got a night off from playing mommy while their sitter watched you and the other kids for the night. It was great to get out and have a little freedom after the big adjustment of touring with you. Their HUGE dog zoey took to you very welll also she loved how you tasted when she stole kisses from you. As we were leaving Max gave you his fave stuffed tiger toy, you have a Canadian friend for life I’m sure of this. Over all the trip went well, the gigs went well, and the van held up. I have to say I LOVE touring with you and am going to make a point of every summer you have off from school little girl to take you out with one of my bands. It was hard being you’re so young but it will be amazing experiences for you when you’re a little older. You met so many great people this trip and I want to keep making that happen for you. I want you to realize it’s a big world out there and you too can get out there and make your dreams come true like the artist I work with. Being with you 100% of the time with almost no down time has helped me bond so much better with you. I feel like we now have an understanding we didn’t have before it is magical. Short trip this weekend then we’re out for the month of August with another act of mine. I can’t wait to do it all over with you!