Copper Toxic Survival // 90 Day Healing Program E-Book

Copper Toxic Survival // 90 Day Healing Program E-Book


Pre-order my PDF set to help copper toxic women create their own 90 day healing program. 

80 pages of information about copper toxicity and my personal healing journey written in an easy to read and understand format sent directly to your email inbox. All information helps the reader in creating and starting their your own 90 day healing plan. This PDF helps demystify Copper Toxicity and all it's symptoms. 

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Release Date: May 2018

*All PDFs will be sent out in May

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*Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and can not diagnose nor treat any illness. This PDF is not meant to treat or cure any illness. If you suspect a copper overload in your body always visit a qualified healthcare professional and present any healing plans to them for guidance and advice.