Little Amour Media Pack

Current Statistics (March 1st 2016)

Social Stats
22,238 Tumblr Followers (outside of organic traffic below)
363 twitter Followers
310 Instagram Followers
1 Youtube Subscriber (BRAND NEW VLOGGING! YIPPY!) 
122 Youtube Video Views
+Brand New Weekly Podcast Just Launched! 

Blog Stats
Unique views - 160/Month
Average page views -321/Month
(Current average growth rate being 20%-25%/Month on Uniques & Page Views)

Special Acclaim
Since 2010 LittleAmour has been featured as a "Tumblr Spotlight Parenting Blog" being featured daily out of their millions of blogs within the parenting category. 

LittleAmour was started in 2009 as a journal to follow the birth and life changes with starting a family and grew into so much more! At the height of it's popularity (2012) it was getting 20K+ views a day. I took a long break from blogging though which has push us back to a "low traffic" baby blog (which is totally okay!) The space is slowly growing again with proven growth each month. The cool thing is the handful of dedicated readers who have been there from the start! We love our community.  To learn more about my personal journey please visit THIS page for a recap. I'm back consistently blogging again while expanding into new media forms with my Live Story Telling, Vlogs, and Blogcasting. More importantly we're having so much fun being engaged again with this great community. 

Please contact us at the email below for any partnership ideas. We're open to talking about anything but are picky on who we work with FYI. 

Thanks for reading!