.:. Offerings .:.



.:. Coaching // 1on1 Sessions
Available both online and off in Brighton UK I work one on one with my clients to dive in and uncover their personal truths and HEAL. Together we use practical hands on technics to clutter clear their emotional and physical worlds so they can truly live the life they desire. Coaching can be broad support or focused on illness recovery.  

.:. Soul Coaching® // 8 Week Group Sessions
Available both online and off in downtown Brighton my 28 Day (practiced over an 8 week period) programs help people move past blocks, discover their purpose, connect with their spirits and bodies, and over all just feel a hell of a lot better about everything by the end of our work together! 

.:. Online Courses // Video & Audio Programs
My online courses are video & audio online programs that can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Currently I'm offing "Copper Toxic Survival" a 90 Day healing program for women healing from Copper Toxicity and a 8 week Copper Toxicity Support Group

Medicine Ceremonies 

.:. Online Medicine Ceremonies
I offer various online tools for DIY healing. These videos guide you through the steps of ritual from the comfort of your own home on your own time. My popular medicine ceremonies are an easy and practical way to bring alchemy into your day to day life.

.:. Personalised Medicine Ceremony Creation
In my shop you'll see my personalised medicine ceremony's available for purchase. These are wonderful to mark special occasions, let go of things you no longer need to carry, get clarity and support on tough situations, and celebrate life's mile stones all from the comfort of your home with my personalised guidance and energetic support.

With each order you get a video with your custom ceremony created just for you, an audio recorded guided soul journey, and the materials you need to perform your personal transition. 


Other ways to work with me

.:. Workshops & Events
I hold various workshops for groups of people at festivals, events, work places, and parties. I do many different activities with groups including past life soul journey's and creative hands on fun such as making sacred items as a group. Contact me if you're interested in having me at your next event. 

Here for help with Copper Toxicity? 
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