New Unity



1) "Church" is seen as a un-cool, conservative, and dusty place for older generations. Even though this is the opposite of New Unity a young, vibrant, liberal, and rapidly growing community in North London. The church needed to take it's branding digital. 

2) The church's small staff was overwhelmed with the large amount of projects needing attention and leadership.  


Work Done

Project Management

Working with an organization wide brain map we identified 15 roles to remove from the minister and his staff and place on congregation volunteers. I put in place a simple project management system to track teams, progress, and the organization's growth in everything from social media to social justice.

Volunteer Drive

 Over four weeks I ran a Volunteer Drive reaching out to congregants and matching willing people to be project leaders to projects. Placed 10 people into the 15 available roles. 


 Wanting to take the church's brand and programing further a full site redesign was done. Pushing towards the slightly controversial and younger offerings of the liberal community.


 I've started test runs of live streaming the communities' Sunday services. Using the new Periscope app has already started growing the number of attendees and making the services available to congregants such as the elderly that can't always attend while opening up Unitarianism to potential new viewers.



"Kirby is one of the most remarkable people I've had the pleasure to deal with. She is that rare person who combines both enormous creativity and the ability to get things done. She is brilliant with ideas and brings the superb leadership and organizational ability to bring ideas to life."  -Andy Pakula NU Minister