1) Being the largest (and one of the oldest) loops and samples company in the business Soundation needed a fresh image to go along with their recent Google Hangouts integration. 

2) As the company reached huge milestones in traffic levels with a proven track record they needed further investment to grow. 



Work Done

Brand Language Revamp 

I revamped the companies' language to give them a competitive edge for both their new website and future marketing materials.  

Website Redesign 

With the help of my wonderful husband (a designer) we created a more modern and easy to maneuver website for the company. Focusing in on the most important messages and calls to action. 

Conference Representation & Investor Relations 

We worked with the company at SF Music Tech Conference making connections to possible partnerships and investors, successfully creating new and exciting relationships for this legacy of a company. We also temporarily ran the companies social media for the lead.



"It´s been a joy working with Kirby and Wilson on some of the design and marketing elements to Soundation Studio, both are committed, accessible and fun to work with."  - Bil Bryant Soundation Founder/CEO