Sailing Boss 7-Day Online Workshop & Live Webinar

Sailing Boss 7-Day Online Workshop & Live Webinar


Live your dream life of adventure on the water with YouTube + Sponsors  

Sailing Soon and Influencer Marketing Agency Blog Authentic have combined forces to offer you Sailing Boss a 7-Day Online Workshop and LIVE webinar. Join us for a week of learning, receive one email and video a day + reference resources for further learning to help you create a successful career sailing and documenting your adventures. We'll complete the week with a live Q&A webinar to answer all your questions. 

First class group starts September 2nd

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Some topics covered: 

- Branding
- Optimising your Channel
- Pitching & Landing Sponsors
- How much to charge for placements
- Delivering Quality  Campaigns
- Creating Multiple income feeds  

and so much more... 

Join our workshop if... 

  • You've been considering starting your own channel and you want to know how it all works behind the scenes 

  • You're a creator looking to turn your YouTube Channel into your full-time gig

  • You're an explorer wanting to fund your adventures and travel

In this course you'll learn: 

  • How to start earning sponsorship income this month

  • How to structure episodes to create opportunity 

  • How to rock relevant branding that grows with your channel 

Join us in creating the life you dream of!

We're on the water already and want to help you get there too. 

Meet Kirby

Kirby is the mum on sailing channel Sailing Soon. While the YouTube channel is relatively new, Kirby has been a successful US mommy blogger since 2009. She eventually moved her passion for content creation and into the world of traditional marketing being hired by agencies such as Havas International for her blogging know how before founding her own influencer agency in the UK. Now between putting out sailing videos with her family, she works with some of the UKs biggest and best blogging and YouTube talent  and brands alongside her wonderful team at Blog Authentic.


How do I know the things you teach will work? 
We know these steps work because we use them ourselves at Sailing Soon! This month past we made £1500 using these same techniques. Also, our agency Blog Authentic helps 300 women within our community who blog about many different things turn their passion for content creation into their careers, we spend every day living and breathing this stuff! 

Do I have to have a YouTube already to find value in this course? 
No! You can use this course to see if YouTube is the right home for your creative adventure. While I hope many of our students put the knowledge into action, you can just learn from each lesson and put it into action when you're ready. 

Why do you charge so much money for the course if you want to help people succeed? 
The course cost $250, with it being seven lessons, each that have taken me 8 hours (at least) to create and edit that's just $4 an hour cost for the knowledge it has taken me YEARS to learn in my marketing career. Do you think this valuable knowledge is worth $4 an hour? Because I sure do! I value my skill set which is why I place a value on my time and hope if you take this course you'll do the same for yourself, place a value on the wonderful things you create.  

How much time will I need to put into my project? Can it be my side hustle? 
YouTube gives back what you invest. You can treat this as a side hustle or a full-time job. Just like most things in life it gives back what you put in.

How quickly will I see results? 
I'm confident if you take the right approach, do your research, and put out great content you can land your first sponsorship this month. 

More questions? 
Just drop me an email: