COST: £25
DATE: Monday, May 21
TIME: 10 am — 6 pm
CAPACITY: 25 women
LOCATION: Brighton Marina Barge


Hey Brighton!

We are Kirby and Vienda, and we are so excited to present to you the Soul Self-Care Gathering — A day one-day collective gathering in Brighton.


In this one-day event, we are going to peel back the curtains on our own personal soul self-care practices that bring us back to alignment, nourish our souls, allow us to follow and listen to our intuitions and manifest lives that thrive. It’s about leaning in and listening to what is happening, here and now. Soul self-care is asking for and receiving help — because dammit, life can be hard as hell sometimes — and that's what we are here to share.

The Brighton Soul Self-Care Gathering is for open hearts, curious minds, and those who realise that self-care is the foundation of how the show up in life, what happens to them, and how they respond to life and want to gather tools to support themselves. 

Hosted by soul-coach Kirby Amour, and writer, creative and mentor Vienda Maria this is a relaxed, playful and fun day to explore your mind, body and what soul self-care really looks like. We will share with you our own stories around self-care, following your soul, and healing the areas of your life that are out of alignment, and give you our favourite tips insight and self-care practices for a life that is truly treasured.

 Host: Vienda Maria    

Host: Vienda Maria 


 Host: Kirby Amour 

Host: Kirby Amour 



10.00 am — Opening Circle Meditation + Introductions

10.45 am — Kirby's Soul Journey

11.15 am — Spirit Feather Session

12.15 pm — LUNCH

1.15 pm — Drum circle + Meditation

1.30 pm — Vienda's Introduction to Intuition + Manifestation

3.30 pm — Short Break

3.45 pm — Claire's Healthy Boundaries with Social Media

4.45 pm — Bubbles with Bubble App

5.15 pm — Sharing + Closing Circle

FREE Childcare provided by our lovely sponsors Bubble



  • The gathering runs from 10 am to 6 pm on the last Monday of May 2018.
  • FREE Childcare & kids snacks will be provided 10 am to 6 pm by Bubble App 
  • Healthy snacks, water and tea will be provided.
  • There are plenty of delicious, healthy places to get lunch in the marina or you can bring your own lunch.
  • Please bring an open heart and mind, pens and a notebook, plus all your enthusiasm.
  • We both knew we wanted this event to be intimate to give every participant an opportunity to really workshop their self-care practices with us and the group. We therefore only have spots for 25 curious souls.